2019 Yankees Pre-Season Top 100 Prospects List

Spring training is just around the corner.  Which means our new Yankees top prospect list is here.  Released early this morning we bring you the top 100 prospects in the Yankees organization and now we break down that list.

The Yankees top 100 prospects include 54 pitchers and 46 positions players.  It is no surprise the Yankees have graduated many position prospects leaving a large number of arms left in the farm and many more being added.

Out of the 54 pitchers on the list, 48 of them are right-handed.  Leaving eight lefties.

Of the 46 positions players on the list 22 of them are infielders and 19 of them are outfielders.  Eight of the infielders are corner infielders, with 14 of them playing in the middle infield.

Five of the infielders on the list are first baseman, eight are second basemen, six are shortstops and just three are third basemen.  The list also features eight catchers.

The majority of the players on the list are in the lower levels of the farm system, with just 34 players on the list have made it to either Double-A or Triple-A.

2019 Yankees Pre-Season Top 100 Prospects List

PlayerPositionRankClassAcquiredRule 5 YearFree Agent YrMLB 40-Man
Estevan FlorialOutfielder12014 IFAFREE AGENT20192021NO
Jonathan LoaisigaRight-Handed Pitcher22012 IFAFree Agent 2/9/20162017-Yes
Roansy ContrerasRight-Handed Pitcher32016 IFAFree Agent20202023No
Deivi GarciaRight-Handed Pitcher42015 IFAFree Agent20192022No
Clarke SchmidtRight-Handed Pitcher52017 DraftDraft20202024No
Anthony SeiglerCatcher62018 DraftDraft20222025No
Everson PereiraOutfielder72017 IFAFree Agent20212024No
Luis MedinaRight-Handed Pitcher82015 IFAFree Agent20192022No
Antonio CabelloOutfielder92017 IFAFree Agent20222024No
Michael KingRight-Handed Pitcher102016 DraftTrade - 11/20/201720192023No
Luis GilRight-Handed Pitcher112014 IFATrade - 3/16/2018 Minnesota20192021No
Osiel RodriguezRight-Handed Pitcher122018 IFAFree Agent20222025No
Domingo AcevedoRight-Handed Pitcher132012 IFAFree Agent2017-Yes
Garrett WhitlockRight-Handed Pitcher142017 DraftDraft20202024No
Trevor StephanRight-Handed Pitcher152017 DraftDraft20202024No
Matt SauerRight-Handed Pitcher162017 DraftDraft20212024No
Albert AbreuRight-Handed Pitcher172013 IFATrade - 11/17/20162017-Yes
Josh StowersOutfielder182018 DraftTrade - 1/21/201920212023Np
Ezequiel DuranSecond Baseman192017 IFAFree Agent20212024No
Josh BreauxCatcher202018 DraftDraft20212025No
Nick NelsonRight-Handed Pitcher212016 DraftDraft20192023No
Thairo EstradaShortstop222012 IFAFree Agent2016-Yes
Chance AdamsRight-Handed Pitcher232015 DraftDraft20182022No
Nolan MartinezRight-Handed Pitcher242016 DraftDraft20202023No
Frank GermanRight-Handed Pitcher252018 DraftDraft20212025No
Glenn OttoRight-Handed Pitcher262017 DraftDraft20202024No
Anthony GarciaOutfielder272017 IFAFree Agent20212023No
Ryder GreenOutfielder282018 DraftDraft20222025No
Yoendrys GomezRight-Handed Pitcher292016 IFAFree Agent20202023No
Dermis GarciaFirst Baseman302014 IFAFree Agent20182021No
Ben RutaOutfielder312016 DraftDraft20192023No
Harold CortijoRight-Handed Pitcher322017 DRAFTDRAFT20202024NO
Isiah GilliamFirst Baseman, Outfielder332015 DraftDraft20192022No
Nick GreenRight-Handed Pitcher342014 DraftTrade - 8/1/201620172021No
Freicer PerezRight-Handed Pitcher352014 IFAFree Agent20192021No
Raimfer SalinasOutfielder362017 IFAFree Agent20222024No
Diego CastilloShortstop372014 IFAFree Agent20182021No
Juan ThenRight-Handed Pitcher382016 IFATrade - 11/18/201720202023No
Joe HarveyRight-Handed Pitcher392014 DraftDraft20172021No
Kevin AlcantaraOutfielder402018 IFAFree Agent20222025No
Pablo OlivaresOutfielder412014 IFAFree Agent20182021No
Oswaldo CabreraThird Baseman422015 IFAFree Agent20192022No
Oswald PerazaShortstop432016 IFAFree Agent20202023No
Roberto ChirinosShortstop442017 IFAFree Agent20212024No
Adonis RosaRight-Handed Pitcher452013 IFAFree Agent20172020No
Stephen TarpleyLeft-Handed Pitcher462013 DRAFTTRADE FROM PIT-8/30/201620162020NO
Tanner MyattRight-Handed Pitcher472018 DraftDraft20212025No
Kyle HolderShortstop482015 DraftDraft20182022No
Pedro BarriosRight-Handed Pitcher492015 IFAFREE AGENT20192022NO
Mike FordFirst Baseman502013 NDFAFree Agent20172020No
Rony GarciaRight-Handed Pitcher512015 IFAFree Agent20192022No
Donny SandsCatcher522015 DraftDraft20182022No
Hoy Jun ParkShortstop532014 IFAFree Agent20182021No
Canaan SmithOutfielder542017 DraftDraft20212024No
Antonio GomezCatcher552018 IFAFree Agent20222025No
Wilkerman GarciaShortstop562014 IFAFree Agent20182021No
Miguel YajureRight-Handed Pitcher572014 IFAFree Agent20192021No
Trey AmburgeyOutfielder582015 DraftDraft20182022No
Matthew WivinisRight-Handed Pitcher592016 NDFAFree Agent20202023No
Stanley RosarioOutfielder602017 IFAFree Agent20212023No
Daniel BiesRight-Handed Pitcher612018 DraftDraft20212025No
JP SearsLeft-Handed Pitcher622017 DraftTrade - 11/18/201720202024No
Steven SensleyFirst Baseman, Outfielder632017 DraftDraft20202024No
Anderson MunozRight-Handed Pitcher642016 IFAFree Agent - 4/12/201820202022No
Ben HellerRight-Handed Pitcher652013 DraftTrade - 7/31/20162016-Yes
Brandon WagnerFirst Baseman662015 DraftDraft20182022No
Jason LopezCatcher672014 IFAFree Agent20182021No
Saul TorresCatcher682016 IFAFree Agent20202023No
Nestor CortesLeft-Handed Pitcher692013 DraftDraft20172020No
Nelson GomezThird Baseman702014 IFAFree Agent20182021No
Zack ZehnerOutfielder712015 DRAFTDRAFT20182022NO
Alexander VizcainoRight-Handed Pitcher722015 IFAFree Agent20192022No
Chris GittensFirst Baseman732014 DraftDraft20172021No
Will CarterRight-Handed Pitcher742015 DRAFTDRAFT20182022NO
Trevor LaneLeft-Handed Pitcher752016 DraftDraft20192023No
Dalton LehnenLeft-Handed Pitcher762017 DraftDraft20202024No
Rodney HutchisonRight-Handed Pitcher772018 DraftDraft20212025No
Jose VillaThird Baseman782016 IFAFree Agent20202023No
Brandon LockridgeOutfielder792018 DraftDraft20212025No
Alexander VargasShortstop802018 IFAFree Agent20222025No
J.P. FeyereisenRight-Handed Pitcher812014 DraftTrade - 7/31/201620172021No
Gosuke KatohThird Baseman822013 DraftDraft20172020No
Angel AguilarThird Baseman832011 IFAFree Agent20162018No
James ReevesLeft-Handed Pitcher842015 DRAFTDRAFT20182022NO
Andres ChaparroThird Baseman852015 IFAFREE AGENT20192022NO
Brody KoernerRight-Handed Pitcher862015 DRAFTDRAFT20182022NO
Anderson SeverinoLeft-Handed Pitcher872012 IFAFree Agent20172019No
Raynel EspinalRight-Handed Pitcher882012 IFAFREE AGENT20162019NO
Juan De LeonOutfielder892014 IFAFREE AGENT20182021NO
Ronny RojasShortstop902017 IFAFree Agent20222024No
Hobie HarrisRight-Handed Pitcher912015 DraftDraft20182022No
Shawn SempleRight-Handed Pitcher922017 DRAFTDRAFT20202024NO
Kaleb OrtRight-Handed Pitcher932016 NDFAFree Agent - 5/16/201720202023No
Jhony BritoRight-Handed Pitcher942015 IFAFree Agent20202022No
Brian KellerRight-Handed Pitcher952016 DRAFTDRAFT20192023NO
Jio OrozcoRight-Handed Pitcher962015 DraftTrade - 8/31/201620192022No
Daniel RamosRight-Handed Pitcher972013 IFAFree Agent20182019No
Tyler HillOutfielder982014 DraftTrade - 12/14/201820182020No
Ryan McBroomFirst Baseman, Outfielder992014 DRAFTTRADE FROM TOR-7/23/201720172021NO
Janson JunkRight-Handed Pitcher1002017 DRAFTDRAFT20202024NO