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Philadelphia Phillies relief pitcher Addison Russ throws during a spring training baseball game, Monday, March 9, 2020, in Clearwater, Fla. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)


2020 Rule 5 Draft: Looking at the Roster

Note: This article is part of a series looking at the 2020 Rule 5 draft and which Yankees minor leaguers it will affect. 

In a couple of months, the annual Rule 5 draft will be held and MLB teams will once again have the opportunity to try to find a diamond in the rough from the scores of players that teams will not protect on their 40-man roster. This year things are drastically different, there was no minor league season to evaluate players and in 2021 the minors will be drastically different with the elimination of up to 42 teams including every short season and rookie-level team outside of the complex leagues.

What does this mean for the Rule 5 draft? A lot. Teams have not had time to evaluate players over 140-games, extended spring training, instructional league, and even the Arizona Fall League. So, the chances for a wild card addition to the 40-man roster in November or a lower-level prospect being selected in the Rule 5 draft in the MLB phase will be lower.

The Yankees have several prospects that will be eligible for the first time, but many have not played above Class-A. The biggest name of the list has already been protected and that is Clarke Schmidt. Others include Kyle Holder, Addison Russ, Alexander Vizcaino, Daniel Alvarez, and more.

Last year the Yankees lost right-handed pitcher Rony Garcia in the MLB phase of the draft who was taken with the very first pick by the Detroit Tigers. Garcia stuck with the Tigers during the COVID-19-shortened season and will not be returned. In the minor league phase, they lost another four players in right-handed pitchers Hobie Harris, Will Carter, and Raynel Espinal as well as infielder Wendell Rijo.

While there are many prospects that the Yankees could “hide” on the Triple-A reserve roster for the draft, there are a few that have a legitimate chance of being selected.  But the question remains would the Yankees feel the need to protect them in November?

Before we get into which prospects the Yankees may want to consider protecting in the Rule 5 draft let us look at all the players who are eligible to be selected.  Below you will find the list of players that are eligible for the Rule 5 draft in 2020 and those who remain from other classes.

2020 Rule 5 Eligible Players

PlayerPositionAcquiredSigning DateFree Agent YrMLB 40-Man
Jhony BritoRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent11/9/20152022No
Bryan BlantonRight-Handed PitcherDraft06/16/20172024No
Evan AlexanderOutfielderDraft06/22/20162023No
Alexander VizcainoRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent05/18/20162022No
Pedro DiazCatcherFree Agent6/29/20172024No
Ron MarinaccioRight-Handed PitcherDRAFT6/16/20172024NO
Harold CortijoRight-Handed PitcherDRAFT6/27/20172024NO
Oswald PerazaShortstopFree Agent07/02/20162023No
Addison RussRight-Handed PitcherTrade (8/21/20206/20/20172023No
Carfred EspanaRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent7/2/20162023`No
Rodrigo GarciaRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent7/2/20162022No
Jose PegueroRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent8/15/29162023No
Joensy AbreuRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent3/7/20172023No
Ryan LidgeCatcherDraft06/16/20172024No
Matthew WivinisRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent10/21/20162023No
Anyelo LunaRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/02/20162022No
Wellington DiazRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent03/16/20172023No
Yoendrys GomezRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/02/20162023No
Diego CorderoRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/02/20162023No
Wilser BarriosRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent05/02/20172023No
Jonathan CapellanOutfielderFree Agent07/02/20162023No
Christian AndradeOutfielderFree Agent07/02/20162023No
Marcos ArguelloLeft-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/02/20162023No
Alexander SantanaOutfielderFree Agent7/7/20162023No
Jesus SeverinoOutfielderFree Agent07/02/20162023No
Miguel TorresCatcherFree Agent07/04/20162023No
Eric WagamanFirst BasemanDraft06/16/20172024No
Eduardo TorrealbaShortstopFree Agent07/05/20162022No
Roansy ContrerasRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/02/20162023No
Shawn SempleRight-Handed PitcherDRAFT6/19/20172024NO
Aaron McGarityRight-Handed PitcherDraft6/16/20172024No
Janson JunkRight-Handed PitcherDRAFT6/29/20172024NO
Glenn OttoRight-Handed PitcherDraft7/1/20172024No
Garrett WhitlockRight-Handed PitcherDraft07/20/20172024No
Nolan MartinezRight-Handed PitcherDraft06/23/20162023No
Kyle ZurakRight-Handed PitcherDraft06/15/20172024No
Steven SensleyFirst Baseman, OutfielderDraft06/17/20172024No
Kaleb OrtRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent - 5/16/20179/23/20162023No
Saul TorresCatcherFree Agent07/02/20162023No
Clarke SchmidtRight-Handed PitcherDraft6/24/20172024No
Trevor StephanRight-Handed PitcherDraft6/15/20172024No
JP SearsLeft-Handed PitcherTrade - 11/18/201706/17/20172024No
Gustavo CamperoCatcherFree Agent7/12/20162023No

Note: some players on these lists may have been traded or released. 

2019 Rule 5 Eligible Players

PlayerPositionAcquiredSigning DateFree Agent YrMLB 40-Man
Brian KellerRight-Handed PitcherDRAFT6/15/20162023NO
Nick NelsonRight-Handed PitcherDraft06/13/20162023Yes
Carlos EspinalRight-Handed PitcherFREE AGENT2/27/20152021NO
Antonio AriasOutfielderFree Agent05/29/20152021No
Carlos GallardoCatcherFree Agent02/12/20152021No
Oswaldo CabreraThird BasemanFree Agent07/02/20152022No
Braden BristoRight-Handed PitcherDraft06/15/20162023No
Mandy AlvarezThird BasemanDraft6/14/20162023No
Trevor LaneLeft-Handed PitcherDraft6/12/20162023No
Deivi GarciaRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/02/20152022Yes
Rony GarciaRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/02/20152022No
Sandy MotaSecond BasemanFree Agent07/09/20152022No
Ben RutaOutfielderDraft06/15/20162023No
Luis GilRight-Handed PitcherTrade - 3/16/2018 Minnesota2/12/20152021Yes
Jio OrozcoRight-Handed PitcherTrade - 8/31/201606/11/20152022No
Brooks KriskeRight-Handed PitcherDraft06/12/20162023No
Isiah GilliamFirst Baseman, OutfielderDraft06/30/20152022No
Jefry ValdezRight-Handed PitcherTrade-11/20/20185/5/20152021No
Luis MedinaRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/08/20152022Yes
Miguel YajureRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent03/05/20152021Yes
Wellington CaceresRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent01/18/20162022No
Brayan JimenezSecond BasemanFree Agent07/02/20152022No
Estevan FlorialOutfielderFREE AGENT3/19/20152021Yes
Edward ParedesRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/05/20152022No
Michael KingRight-Handed PitcherTrade - 11/20/20176/20/20162023Yes
Matt FrawleyRight-Handed PitcherTrade - 7/14/20176/16/20162023No
Paul YoungRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent - 8/30/20177/8/20162023No
Nelvin CorreaRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent7/2/20162023No
Brian TrieglaffRight-Handed PitcherDraft7/5/20162023No
Jean LunaRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent8/15/20162023No
Chase HodsonRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent06/20/20162023No
Freicer PerezRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent12/15/20142021No
Luis OjedaRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/02/20152022No
Andres ChaparroThird BasemanFREE AGENT7/2/20152022NO
Jesus BastidasShortstopFree Agent07/02/20152022No
Elvis PegueroRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/02/20152022No
Pedro BarriosRight-Handed PitcherFREE AGENT7/2/20152022NO
Alex MejiasRight-Handed PitcherFREE AGENT7/2/20152022NO
Jhonatan MunozRight-Handed PitcherFREE AGENT8/10/20152022NO
Argelis HerreraLeft-Handed PitcherFree Agent7/2/20152022No
Deivi DiazLeft-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/02/20152022No
Meure RodriguezCatcherFree Agent07/02/20152022No
Carlos NarvaezCatcherFREE AGENT7/2/20152022NO
Greg WeissertRight-Handed PitcherDraft6/15/20162023No

2018 Rule 5 Eligible Players

PlayerPositionAcquiredSigning DateFree Agent YrMLB 40-Man
Jeff HendrixOutfielderDRAFT6/16/20152022NO
David SosebeeRight-Handed PitcherDRAFT6/14/20152022NO
Billy FlemingSecond BasemanFREE AGENT7/23/20142021NO
Kyle HolderShortstopDraft6/11/20152022No
Jason LopezCatcherFree Agent7/2/20142021No
Nelson GomezThird BasemanFree Agent7/2/20142021No
Danienger PerezSecond BasemanFree Agent7/2/20142021No
Daniel AlvarezRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent3/14/20142020No
Andy DiazOutfielderFree Agent1/27/20142020No
Welfrin MateoThird BasemanFree Agent10/12/20132020No
Griffin GarabitoThird BasemanFree Agent07/02/20142021No
Carlos TatisFirst BasemanFree Agent02/17/20142021No
Miguel FlamesFirst BasemanFree Agent07/02/20142021No
Adonny RojasRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent7/2/20152022No
Alex VargasRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/02/20142021No
Christian MorrisRight-Handed PitcherDraft07/07/20152022No
Garrett MundellRight-Handed PitcherDraft06/13/20152022No
Brandon WagnerFirst BasemanDraft06/12/20152022No
Carlos VidalOutfielderFree Agent05/05/20142020No
Ricardo FerreiraOutfielderFree Agent01/27/20142020No
Spencer MahoneyRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent11/16/20152022No
Alex RobinettRight-Handed PitcherDraft6/11/20152022No
Pedro EspinolaRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent07/02/20152022No
Reiver SanmartinLeft-Handed PitcherTrade - 11/20/201707/02/20152022No
Hobie HarrisRight-Handed PitcherDraft06/12/20152022No
Alexander RosarioRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent2/12/20152021No
Rafael LaraRight-Handed PitcherFREE AGENT3/5/20152021NO
Kenlly MontasRight-Handed PitcherFREE AGENT4/17/20152021NO
Gilmael TroyaRight-Handed PitcherFREE AGENT7/2/20142021NO
Juan De LeonOutfielderFREE AGENT7/2/20142021NO
Frederick CuevasOutfielderFREE AGENT7/2/20142021NO
Raymundo MorenoOutfielderFREE AGENT7/2/20142021NO
Nelson AlvarezFirst Baseman, Right-Handed PitcherFree Agent03/16/20152021No
Jairo GarciaRight-Handed PitcherFREE AGENT-2020NO
Trey AmburgeyOutfielderDraft6/13/20152022No
Dermis GarciaFirst BasemanFree Agent07/02/20142021No
Will CarterRight-Handed PitcherDRAFT6/12/20152022NO
Wilkerman GarciaShortstopFree Agent7/2/20142021No
Donny SandsCatcherDraft6/12/20152022No
Jhalan JacksonOutfielderDRAFT6/9/20152022-
Zack ZehnerOutfielderDRAFT6/16/20152022NO
Hoy Jun ParkOutfielderFree Agent7/2/20142021No
Pablo OlivaresOutfielderFree Agent07/02/20142021No
Brody KoernerRight-Handed PitcherDRAFT6/13/20152022NO
Daniel RamosRight-Handed PitcherFree Agent10/26/20132019No
James ReevesLeft-Handed PitcherDRAFT6/13/20152022NO
Diego CastilloShortstopFree Agent07/02/20142021No
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