A Look at Everson Pereira in Extended Spring Training

Everson Pereira was one of the most highly sought after players in the July 2, 2017 signing class.  The Yankees landed the youngster from Venezuela for $1.5 million.  There is a lot to like about Pereira.  Body wise, he doesn’t look like a 17-year-old kid.  He has a strong lower half, athletic build, and is really loose at the plate.

Pereira has a wide stance, minimal leg kick, with his hands high.  He picks the front foot up as his weight shifts back toward his right leg and simply just puts his foot down.  He has at times abandon any leg kick with two strikes.  The hands move back in a linear fashion, and his swing is a bit linear as well.

The biggest issue I have noticed so far with Pereira is that he gets to his front foot too quickly.  In fact, there are times he lunges toward home, leaving himself off-balance.  In doing so, he slows his bat down and loses the power in his lower half.  There are issues with pitch recognition, especially off-speed out of the zone, and hitting premium velocity.  This is to be expected with young hitters.

When he gets his timing at the plate, Pereira does have a quick bat with strong wrists.  However, the lack of pitch recognition and indecisiveness leads to too much hands and less hips generating the power.

There is power in his bat that has yet to translate to games.  Based on his current approach, it may be awhile before we see it.  When comparing him to a hitter like Ezequiel Duran, Duran uses his lower half much more efficiently.  Duran utilizes a high leg kick and can keep his weight and hands back.  His swing is much more explosive and leads to a quicker bat and much harder contact.  It also allows him more time to recognize off-speed and adjust.  These are tweaks that I expect Pereira to make over time.

While it remains to be seen where he is assigned once extended spring training ends, I anticipate an aggressive assignment in the Gulf Coast League.  He has the athleticism and bat speed to hold his own against older competition.  Furthermore, Pereira is a plus defender with a strong arm and good speed.  He should stick in CF throughout his development.