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Yoan Moncada


A look at Free Agent Yoan Moncada

If you haven’t heard of Yoan Moncada you are a normal baseball fan.  The reason you should be interested in Moncada if you are a Yankees fan is because I believe that he should be the Yankees # 1 priority this off season.  Background on Moncada is this.  He is a 19 year old Cuban SS who should still be able to play in the infield.  Multiple people who have seen him think he is going to be great.  Examples are these tweets from Keith Law.

You also have Kiley McDaniel who has written about Moncada and raved about him.  Here is the link to the article he posted on Cuban players and Moncava.


This wasn’t the only venue that McDaniel talked about Moncada.  On the podcast he does with Carston Cistulli he talked about the next big Cuban that no one was talking about.  This was some time ago and Moncada defected in that time.  So why is it such a must get for the Yankees?

The reason I believe that the Yankees must sign Moncada is easy.

  1. He is 19 years old.  The Yankees need young cost controlled talent if they are going to get back to the playoffs and dynasty type years.  While the farm system has taken a huge step forward this year they don’t have a guy who projects to be a star.  The closest guy is Jorge Mateo and he is long way off from that.

  2.  Moncada is only going to cost money and it’s money that the Yankees might not be able to sign in the future.  With the Yankees shattering bonuses in the Int Fa Market (http://sbb.scout.com/story/1417487 ) this is the year to go big or go home.  They won’t be able to sign any players in the next two seasons for any bonuses over $300,000.  While other teams need to sign top notch players the Yankees can use their scouting resources better and find players.  Mateo was a $250,000 signing.   So even if it’s only going to cost money and the penalty this is a type of player that you break the bank for.

  3. With reports coming out that the Yankees aren’t going to aggressively go after free agent players( A philosophy I would agree is a wise plan except in the case of Lester) they have money that is coming off the books and should allocate that to another part of the organization.  There are rumors that the Yankees can spend up to $500 million with all expenditures and break even so dropping $20 million plus another $20 million isn’t too crazy for them to do.


Reports are that the Yankees will be scouting Moncada on Nov 12th with a lot of other teams.  If they see what scouts have told Keith Law, Kiley McDaniel and Ben Balder the Yankees need to strike.  They stopped playing in the Cuban market when they got burned by Jose Contresas but Moncada is a completely different potential payoff that is worth the risk.

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I'm a Yankee fan living in Kansas City. Prospects are my passion.

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