Passionate. Global. Wealthy. Loyal.

    That is who our audience is.

    First and foremost, our readers are passionate about the Yankees. They are the definition of die-hard, brand loyal fans. They consist of the population that packs the stadium on a nightly basis and travels to give them a home away from home.

    If you want to reach the same audience the teams do, at a fraction of the cost, Pinstriped Prospects is the perfect opportunity for your business!

    Advertising Products

    Website Advertising

    300×250 or 300×300 Display Ad

    Located on PinstripedProspects.com, the traditional 300×300 or 300×250 display advertisement is on the homepage and every news story posted on the website. Ads rotate every 10-15 seconds based on the number of advertisements sold.

    Leaderboard Display Ad

    The leaderboard display ad is our most visible ad format, located at the top of every page and article on the website.

    Sponsored Post

    Your sponsored post will match the editorial content on the website and gives you the opportunity to showcase your product like never before. Sponsored posts come with one month of social media promotion for the post as well.

    Video Advertising

    Video Sponsorship

    Get your logo included on Pinstriped Prospects video content on our social media, YouTube channel and our website.  Your logo will be in the top-left hand corner of the video. *Note this does not include the video version of the Pinstriped Prospects Podcast.

    Podcast Advertising

    Presenting Sponsorship

    Our podcast presenting sponsorship is the top advertising product for our popular weekly podcast.  Your company’s message will be heard at the beginning and end of each episode of the audio edition.  Your logo will be included in our video intro and will be on screen throughout the entire episode.

    Podcast Advertisement

    These 30-second or 60-second advertisements are played during the podcast, between segments.  Ads can be host-read or could be pre-recorded.


    Interested in advertising with us?

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