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Last month we issued our annual survey.  We do these reviews as a way to see how we are doing and see what new content or features our readers would like to see on the site.  The survey was relatively short, only about 10-12 questions and spanned everything from the podcast to our video content and the site in general.

I wanted to take the time to address some things from the survey and make you feel at ease.  While yes, we are expanding our coverage to include more multimedia features such as the weekly podcast, video and more photos it does not mean we are going to do away with written articles.

We believe that the best media organizations are ones that offer the well-rounded way to engage with their content daily.  There are many that would instead get their updates in audio form and many others that prefer video, but the vast majority of our readers still enjoy good fashioned reading, and we will never let them down.

It is the goal of everyone here at Pinstriped Prospects to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible on all the Yankees minor leaguers.  With the recent youth movement and the success of many of the Baby Bombers, we have covered in the minors with the New York Yankees you will be seeing some more major league coverage.  After all, just because they graduated from the minors does not mean they aren’t apart of the Yankees family.

For the remainder of the 2017 calendar year keep coming back to Pinstriped Prospects for some great content.  We are breaking down the top five prospects at every position, bringing you the latest winter league news and yes even some new video.  As we move closer to the Rule 5 draft, we will be taking a more in-depth look at the Yankees prospects that are eligible to be drafted.  Soon we will look at players we expect to be protected as well as those who will likely be selected.

In January we will be releasing our Top 50 Yankees prospect list.  The list will be complete with profiles of every player in the Top 50, that will take us into February where we begin our coverage of Spring Training and more.

There is a lot of great written content to look forward to.  With that said we will have some great multimedia content to go along with it.  We are in the process of revamping our weekly podcast, taking into account all the feedback we were given in the survey and will have more guests and more in-depth discussion on future episodes.

As for video, we have recently brought on Alex Zeller as the Director of Video Production.  Alex brings with him a lot of experience working in news video.  He will be designing our video strategy for 2018 and beyond.  So be on the lookout for some great new content next season.

I want to address the other big thing from the survey.  That was the question about paying a monthly or annual fee to read our content.  Let’s face it.  Running a site like this is not cheap or easy.  While our coverage is not perfect, we would be the first to admit that.  It is some of the best out there for a minor league system.  We have a dedicated team of writers that work hard to try to bring you news and more from each level of the system.

Most of the staff, including myself, work a full-time job to pay our bills and do this on the site.  Because of that our attention is always somewhat divided.  We cannot put our full effort into the site and fix that; we need the site to make money.  You may have noticed over the last few months the removal of many ads that were once on the site.  These ads were serviced by third-party ad platforms.  While the ads did bring in some money, it was nowhere near the amount we need to cover operating costs of the website let alone the cost to pay writers and photographers for their work.

With that said we have been looking at other alternatives to the third-party ad servicing platforms to make money.  We now offer advertising space on our website directly to companies; you may have noticed a couple.  These ads are less intrusive than the ones from the third-party platforms, and they don’t bog down the site as the old ads did.

How many people have gone to a website, any site, and was automatically redirected to a sketchy page.  The reason for that was malware located in the third-party ads.  So, to prevent that from happening on our site again we need to move to a direct ad-sales approach.

Our advertising rates are very reasonable, but still, don’t cover our operating expenses 100%.  So, with that in mind, we have been looking into the possibility of becoming a paid-website with a pay-wall.  To do that we would have to bring all of our writers on full-time, which significantly increases our operating expenses to the point where we would need a reasonable 25,000 of our readers to pay $60.00 a year to be able to bring you the coverage you deserve for the money.

Because of the response, we received in the survey, we are not exploring that route at this time.  It is no guarantee we would be able to reach the number of subscribers we would need to break even.  We also would like to keep Pinstriped Prospects free for everyone to be able to view our content.

With that said we are turning to you, our loyal readers to continue to share our articles.  Tell a friend or family member who is also a Yankees fan about us, share our articles on social media, engage with us on the website via comments or on Twitter and Facebook.  The more we grow, the easier it will be for us to sell our ads to businesses.

If you own a business reach out to our Director of Business Development, Paul Pagnato III.  He would be more than happy to talk to you about our advertising offerings.  Like I said earlier our ad rates are very reasonable.

If you have more feedback on the site and want us to know about it, you can reach out to me directly via email.

If you are interested in joining the Pinstriped Prospects team, we have several internship openings available.  There is something for everyone if you want to work on our social media accounts, write for the site or become a video editor take a look at our job openings page.


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