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Less Than a Week Draft Musing

The draft is less than a week today and one thing is still very clear no one has any idea what is going to happen.  On baseball america’s podcast on Friday John Manuel compared this draft to the 2000 draft which was a below average draft and hardly produced any big league talent.   With that being said I think there is somethings the Yankees should do.

1. Draft Brady Aiken.  Aiken was the top pitcher and player in the draft last year.  Coming into this year before the surgery he was the top player again.  Now there are rumors that his Tommy John surgery was a little different than normal.  But the big difference between drafting Aiken this year and last year is before you had no idea what his medicals were before selecting him.  This year his medicals will be out for all teams to sign him.  The reason I think the Yankees should take a shot is that they never get a chance at a top player in the draft.  So unless the Yankees are going to tank and get another top pick you probably won’t get a chance to draft a player who could have gone #1 two years in a row.

2. Draft Betts if he’s available with their comp pick.  Betts was a player who seems to get picked on by scouts because he’s been around for so long.  A month ago he was the top catcher and now isn’t because Tyler Stephenson has exploded with the bat.  But when you get a comp to Brian McCann that is a kid that you want in the system.  He also appears to be in play anywhere from the high teens. so getting him would be very good with their comp pick.

3. If the Yankees are so against Aiken I would like them to draft Whitley who some think might have the best upside in the draft and is a potential 1-1 pick.  With him being a kid from NY that will help with marketing and he doesn’t have the issues that some kids from warm weather states have that they are already ingrained with how their swings are.  Plus elite CF with a potential five tool talent don’t fall to the Yankees very often.

Now if the Yankees could do all three of these I would sign up for it.  A pipe dream it may be but people can dream can’t they?

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I'm a Yankee fan living in Kansas City. Prospects are my passion.

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