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Minor League Lessons

One thing people need to know when it comes to prospects at the lowest level stats are good but stats only tell one piece of the story.   If you don’t have a scouting report to back up the stats you will look stupid when that prospect you’re pounding your chest about moves a level up and falls on their face.  A good example of this is the following player

The player played his year 19 season stateside.  Below are his stats for that year.

PA          H             2B           3B           HR          BB           SO          ISO         K%          BB%       wOBA

166         49           11           3              6              11           20           .236        12%        6.6%      .443

Those stats give this player a slash line of .333/.404/.568 for .972.  That is impressive as a whole.  Keep in mind the previous year that this player played in the GCL Tyler Austin put up a stat line of .390/.438/.622 for a ridiculous line of 1.060.  Another guy who put up crazy GCL numbers is the guy who most believe if the Yankees number one prospect, Gary Sanchez.  Sanchez hit .353/.419/.597 for 1.016.

Both of those guys had a little higher batting average to put their OPS above player one.   You would assume that a player that put up a line like that similar to what two top Yankee prospects did would be ticketed for Low A especially since he was as young as Austin was.

The player was Isaisi Tejada who is playing for the SI Yankees.  If that name doesn’t sound familiar because you haven’t heard him mentioned as a top Yankee prospect you would be right.   Tejada has had a lost season with the bat as he has hit .179/.262/.316 for .578.  Not what Tejada or the Yankees were hoping far.

I should have seen this season coming mostly because I asked about Tejada to baseball people on twitter.  I remember Ben Badler from Baseball America telling me that Tejada might have a backup catcher profile and could be a little sleeper.  After reading that tweet I couldn’t believe it.  Did he see Tejada’s stats, what he was doing with the bat.  This guy looked like a stud on paper and that is the most important thing to remember.

Stats at the lowest levels matter nothing unless the scouting reports back them up.   These are complex league games and mostly the level of competition is slightly better than high school games.  That is why you need to have good scouting reports on players while also seeing how old they are especially for Latin American players.

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Miguel Andujar is a great example of this.  He played that season there at 17 years old which is typically two years younger than most players.  Even thou he hit a pathetic .232/.288/.299 it helps that he was probably one of the youngest players in the league.  Even if Andujar repeats the level it’s good for him to get a taste of professional life against kids older and more physically mature then him.

So remember when you see that kid dominating in the lowest level of the minors that he might be a prospect or just a guy.  That’s why we are here, to help you figure that out.

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I'm a Yankee fan living in Kansas City. Prospects are my passion.

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