Pinstriped Prospects Scouting Report: Ricky Surum

Player: Ricky Surum

Age: 22, December 7, 1995

B/T: R/R

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 170

Affiliate: Pulaski Yankees (Rookie)

Ricky Surum (Bryan Green)

OFP: 45

Role: Double-A tops, non-starter (filler) at Triple-A

Risk Factor: High

MLB ETA: 2022

Ricky Surum (Bryan Green)


Heard that it is off the charts good. Coaches and scouts gave him high praise for his energy and work ethic. Seems to be a great clubhouse guy as well.

Ricky Surum (Bryan Green)


Hit – He’s a contact hitter who will put the ball in play. Has shown a weakness for off-speed pitches, his timing was off in a couple at bats when watching. Poor swing path, and possesses a very lengthy swing.

Power – Swing has a wide base with tiny leg kick, which could lead to sneaky pop. As it was stated in his hit tool summary, Surum is a contact hitter with gap to gap power. 10 home runs in a season in pro ball is his ceiling, with 5-7 being a more reasonable number.

Speed/Baserunning – Clocked at 4.4 running from home to first. On the Pinstriped Prospects scouting scale, that grades him as a 45 runner. By no means a liability on the base paths, hustles and runs as hard as he can.

Glove – He is very energetic and had lots of movement pre-pitch. He hops at least twice getting into set fielding position. Noticed sometimes he takes a small hop to his right, favoring is arm side. This could be a result of him anticipating the pitch type and location of the pitch being thrown. Has very sizeable range and will unquestionably be an above average shortstop. Great hands as well.

Arm – Has a very strong arm, above average to plus grade. Accurate and firm. Has the arm tool to play shortstop or third base.

Ricky Surum (Bryan Green)


Surum hustles on and off the field and is a joy to watch play. He’s in great shape and has a projectable body. It is no surprise that he was the iron-man for the Mount Olive Trojans this past season, starting in all 58 games at shortstop. His offensive college numbers are a bit skewed, as he took advantage of bad pitching and using the aluminum bat. His defensive numbers are no fluke (.961 fielding percentage), he is a solid player in the field. In summary, I think it’s fair to say Ricky will have success at the lower levels and find himself over-matched at the plate against advanced pitching. His glove will be what advances him to the upper level of the minor leagues.

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