Yankees Decline Options of Gardner and Happ

Following the announcement that the Yankees chose to use Zach Britton’s option for 2022, sourced confirmed that the Yankees chose to decline the options of outfielder, Brett Gardner, and left-handed pitcher, J.A. Happ. With their options declined, Gardner and Happ now both become free agents.

Brett Gardner will get a $2.5 million buyout rather than a $10 million salary, while J.A. Happ’s options did not have a buyout clause.

Gardner (37) has been with the Yankees since 2008 and is the last player remaining from the 2009 championship team. Gardner was 29-130 in 2020, with five home runs, 20 runs scored, 15 RBI’s, three stolen bases, and a .223 batting average. He had a .54 OBP and a .747 OPS.

Happ (38) has been with the Yankees since 2018 (acquired from Toronto). Happ was 2-2, with a .347 ERA and 42 strikeouts across nine starts and 49.1 innings pitched in 2020.

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