Williams: 24 Random thoughts 24 hours before Opening Day

It’s a bummer we have to wait another 24 hours before the Greatest Pitcher on the Planet (as I’m going to call him) Gerrit Cole takes the mound and fires the first pitch of the Yankees 2022 season. It’s like moving Christmas to the next day. But, as someone that was at the two-part 2008 Opening Day, it makes so much sense to not waste fans’ time and money. That being said, I’ve got a little time whilst my kids are getting ready for bed, so I thought I’d knock out some random Yankees-related thoughts for you to enjoy.

  1. As I wrote on Twitter (shameless leswilliams23 plug) I’m pretty sure Mother Nature is a Yankees fan. She wants Brian Cashman to meet Aaron Judge’s Opening Day deadline and this buys him another 24 hours lock up 99 for life.
  2. I still miss Freddy Schuman. Better known as Freddy Sez, he carried his shamrock-painted frying pan outside Yankee Stadium and created memories for millions of fans that were fortunate enough to take a spoon to it. I did many times and had the fortune to get a photo with him at some point. Such a great guy. The new place needs a Freddy.

    Photo Credit/Creative Commons
  3. This lineup is LOADED. I wonder who’s going to blast the first homer of the season. I’m sure you probably think Judge and that makes sense. I’m gonna say Josh Donaldson.
  4. Absolutely nothing beats seeing the Yankees take the field in the top of the first inning on opening day. It’s just awesome.
  5. I miss The Bat. Yeah, meeting at Babe Ruth Plaza or Billy’s, Stan’s or your favorite haunt is cool, but the bat was the spot.
    Photo Credit: Les Williams
    The Bat was the meeting point for Yankees fans.

    Meet you at the bat 10 and head to Billys? Yep, let’s do that.

  6. This team is going to play awesome defense. Robert Coles is on record as saying IKF is going to be a fan favorite and he got me on board. Am I ready to commit the necessary money for an IKF T-shirt on Fanatics? Not yet. I’m still trying to avoid smashing ‘buy now’ on that 2020 Derek Jeter jersey with the HOF patch. You know the one because you thought it too.
  7. We’ve got to ban the wave. It’s the worst. We’re Yankees fans, not Orioles fans. Keep that nonsense in Baltimore.
  8. I kind of feel like Luis Severino is going to be alright. I could be wrong, but he can’t possible have a Pavano-esque career. He deserves better.
  9. I’m never going to be an Aaron Hicks fan. I just can’t. He could break the single-season homer record and I’d still feel like he’s gotta go. The running Dad joke in my house would go like this: Me: Logan, who hits after Aaron Hicks? Logan: I don’t know, who? Me: the other team.
  10. I’m not going to apologize for no. 9.
  11. I can’t believe I waited til 11 for this, but Derek Jeter is returning to Yankee stadium! The team announced it plans to honor the Hall of Famer September 9. I really hope the team can do something to get Jeter an official role. The Marlins did him dirty.
  12. I watched more Spring Training games this year than I usually do. Not just Yankees games either. I found myself watching a lot of Phillies games too. I live in PA.
  13. That being said, I’m still disappointed the Yankees didn’t sign Bryce Harper. That might be a move I’m mad about for eternity. How awesome would that dude look in pinstripes? We might see some balls hit the 3rd deck again.
  14. This is a huge year for Gleyber Torres. I’m probably not the first person to type those words. The Yankees have a surplus of uber talented infield prospects in the system. So if Gleyber wants to hold off any of them, he has to put up a big year. I kind of think he will.
  15. Celebrity National Anthem singers don’t do it for me. Give me a service academy band any day of the week.
  16. I’ve got to get out to Old Timer’s Day some time. That’s one of the few things I’ve yet to experience.
  17. I miss paper tickets. I’ve got hundreds. When someone tries to call my bluff when I mention being at the last game at the Old Stadium or DJ3K, I’ve got receipts.

    photo credit: Les Williams
    Derek Jeter’s greeted by teammates after collecting hit number 3000.
  18. What do you guys do with those anyway? I keep thinking of ways to display them, without damaging the tickets. But I’m at a loss.
  19. That whole ‘Core 4’ thing really bothers me because it treats Bernie Williams like the fifth Beatle. That dude walked so Derek Jeter could run.
  20. We need more Yankeeography. It’s been too long.
  21. The KayRod Megacast is going to be a hit or a disaster. I’m sort of interested, but I need to know what games they’re calling and I haven’t looked into it yet.
  22. Think the Yanks make an actual run at Juan Soto? He turned down $350 million from the Nationals. Boras clients tend to follow the cash. If Judge goes elsewhere, that Cash (see what I did there?) better lead to the Bronx.
  23. I can still hear the legendary Bob Sheppard. Now batting for the Yankees, number 23, Don Mattingly.
  24. If you made it here, you can make it anywhere! LET’S Go Yankees!!!!

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