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Yankees DSL Pitchers To Keep An Eye On For 2023

The Yankees farm system is stacked with pitching at the lower levels, and there’s a real glut of talented teenage prospects at the Dominican Summer League that could start making their way toward Florida this year.  While there’s been no indication of where some of these prospects will begin the season, we can look forward to potentially seeing: Jordarlin Mendoza, Henry Lalane, Carlos Lagrange and possible several others graduating at some point this season.

Honorable Mention to Angel Benitez, who would’ve made the list but he’s currently recovering from Tommy John Surgery.  Benitez was someone I was extremely interested in watching this upcoming season. Wishing him a speedy recovering and quick return to the hill.

Here are the 11 DSL Pitching Prospects to watch for:

Jordarlin Mendoza – RHP | 19 | 6’0 175 lbs | Dominican Republic

Jordarlin Mendoza/Photo via Instagram

2.95 ERA – 1.15 WHIP | 55 IP – 18 ER – 44 H – 3 HR – 19 BB – 77 K | 3.11 BB% – 12.6 K%

Jordarlin looks like the most polished pitcher of the DSL Yankees.  Mendoza is arguably the Ace of the advanced DSL Yankees team. Jordarlin uses his 96 MPH fastball and 86 MPH slider to rack up strikeouts, which crowned him the Dominican Summer League leader. He also finished in the Top 10 for ERA, WHIP and AVG against.  Jordarlin most likely begins the season in the DSL again.  If he keeps mowing down hitters as he has been, he will be stateside at some point this season.


Henry Lalane – LHP | 18 | 6’7 211 lbs | New York (DR)

Henry Lalane/Photo via Instagram

2.98 ERA – 1.01 WHIP | 48.1 IP – 16 ER – 35 H – 0 HR – 14 BB – 52 K | 2.61 BB% – 9.68 K%

The Bronx born native returned to the DSL, and this time the results were much improved.  The statuesque 6’7 Lefty threw 48+ innings, pitching to a 2.98 ERA and 1.01 WHIP.  Lalane relying on a FB, whirly slider with alot of lateral movement and a change-up, struck out 52 and walked just 14, cutting his walk rate by almost half from 5.44% to 2.61% and allowing no HRs, heading in the right direction.  Lalane was also inducing ground balls at a 53% rate. Playing back to back seasons in the DSL and holding his own there, I could see Lalane starting the season in the FCL since he’s excelled at the DSL level for 2 seasons now.


Omar Gonzalez – RHP | 17 | 6’4 175 lbs | Panama 

Omar Gonzalez/Photo via Instagram

0.44 ERA – 0.74 WHIP | 20.1 IP – 1 R – 6 H – 0 HR – 9 BB – 36 K | 3.98 BB% – 15.93 K%

Omar Gonzalez’s debut season in the Dominican Summer League couldn’t have gone any better.  The then 16 year old Panamanian righty pitched like a seasoned vet, keeping hitters off-balance and off the bases allowing just 1 run over 20+ innings. Gonzalez may still have more growing to do, and as he progresses through the system he should add a few more ticks to a fastball that currently sits 91-93 MPH.  Gonzalez pairs that with a 12-6 curve and a change-up to keep hitters guessing.


Carlos Lagrange – RHP | 19 | 6’7 200 lbs | Dominican Republic

Carlos Lagrange/Photo via Instagram

3.00 ERA – 0.88 WHIP | 33 IP – 11 ER – 10 H – 1 HR – 19 BB – 43 K | 5.18 BB% – 11.73 K%

The big RHP is one of the most exciting Yankees arms.  He is blessed with a fastball that lights up the radar at over 100 MPH.  Lagrange provided the Yankees with a promising debut last season, inducing ground balls at a 51%+ clip and a 33.1 strikeout rate.  One of the issues Lagrange had early last season was an inability to go deeper into games, and it’s something that he’s worked on this off-season, his conditioning.  While the walks remain high, he’s not “wild”, and with experience and mechanics help from coaches he should improve in this area.  I would not be surprised if this season Lagrange arrived stateside.

I asked him what the goals were for this season, and he told me 70 innings and 100 Ks.  Lofty goals, but he’s got the arm.


Alejandro Gomez – RHP | 20 | 6’4 180 lbs | Mexico

Alejandro Gomez/Photo via Instagram

2.28 ERA – 1.18 WHIP | 47.1 IP – 12 ER – 33 H – 1 HR – 23 BB – 63 K | 4.37 BB% – 11.98 K%

Gomez repeated the DSL, and this past season was a tremendous improvement.  Gomez was deployed as a middle relief option, eating up innings and keeping opposition at bay.  The offseason work he put in helped him cut his ERA in half from 5.06 to 2.28, and he increased his strikeouts from 9.28% to 11.98%.  

Jerson Alejandro – RHP | 16 | 6’6 260 lbs | Dominican Republic

Jerson Alejandro/Photo via Instagram

Jerson was a big last minute get for the Yankees during this season’s International Free Agent period.  Jerson comes with a big power arm, throwing 98 MPH gas out the gate.  He pairs his fastball with a 80 MPH curve and a 86-87 MPH change-up.  I’m eagerly awaiting getting to watch “King Kong” debut this season and get to see some in-game film on him.

Jerson was recently named to the Yankees Top 30 Prospects list by Baseball America.  High praise for a prospect that’s yet to throw a professional pitch.


Gerardo Abrego – RHP | 21 | 6’3 190 lbs | Panama

Gerardo Abrego/Photo via Instagram

2.77 ERA – 1.36 WHIP | 39 IP – 12 ER – 24 H – 3 HR – 29 BB – 58 K | 6.69 BB% – 11.93 K%

Abrego had a solid 2022 season.  He repeated in the the DSL and pretty much put up the same exact numbers, except this time he did it pitching in relief.  Abrego increased his strikeout rate, lowered his AVG against and now just needs to work on cutting his walk rate.  Given that Abrego will be 22 to start the DSL Season, I’d expect he’ll be in FCL at some point.

Diego Hernandez – RHP | 18 | 6’0 155 lbs | Mexico

Diego Hernandez/Photo via Instagram

2.10 ERA – 1.11 WHIP | 34.1 IP – 8 ER – 24 H – 2 HR – 14 BB – 48 K | 3.67 BB% – 12.58 K%

Hernandez’s rookie season was a success by all measures.  The right-hander bounced between starter and middle relief pitcher, and while he pitched to a respectable 3.77 ERA – 1.12 WHIP as a starter, when he came out of the bullpen he was pretty much lights out:  0.90 ERA – 1.10 WHIP, 20 innings, 1 ER, 27 strikeouts and .169 average against.  Hernandez is an interesting pitcher who’s still growing and learning.  Hernandez should definitely be on prospect watchers radar.

Hernandez comes armed with a 88-91 MPH fastball, 88-89 MPH 2-seamer, 73-76 MPH slider, and 80-84 MPH change-up.


Ruben Castillo – RHP | 21 | 6’1 160 lbs | Venezuela

2.54 ERA – 1.02 WHIP | 28.1 IP – 13 ER – 21 H – 1 HR – 8 BB – 35 K | 2.54 BB% – 11.12 K%

Castillo repeated in the DSL last season, and he was just as consistent.  His numbers were nearly identical over both seasons.  Castillo pitched out of the bullpen, logging 28+ innings to a 2.54 ERA, 1.02 WHIP and 35 strikeouts.  While Castillo’s walk rate slightly increased from 1.8% to 2.5%, he also bumped his strikeout rate from 9.7% to 11.1%.  Same as with Gerardo, Castillo will be 22 the first month of the DSL, which makes him a candidate to start or arrive at FCL early on.


Sabier Marte – RHP | 19 | 6’5 170 lbs | Dominican Republic 

Sabier Marte/Photo via Instagram

4.15 ERA – 1.25 WHIP | 30.1 IP – 14 ER – 35 H – 3 HR – 3 BB – 38 K | 0.89 BB% – 11.27 K%

Marte is lanky RHP pitcher, who debuted last season with almost pin point accuracy.  In 30+ innings, while striking out 38 batters, Marte walked just 3 batters!  An impressive feat for a teenager in professional baseball. Marte’s ability to rack up strikeouts while not giving up free passes makes him very intriguing. Marte’s ERA would improve alot more as he continues to learn to pitch and to miss more bats.

Marte primarily used a 94-95 MPH 4-seam fastball, with a 2-seamer and change-up.


Wilfrido Bido – RHP | 18 | 5’10 175 lbs | Dominican Republic

Wilfredo Bido/Photo via Instagram

1.96 ERA – 0.90 WHIP | 36.2 IP – 8 ER – 24 H – 3 HR – 9 BB – 33 K | 2.21 BB% – 8.10 K%

Wilfrido Bido was mainly deployed as a middle innings relief pitcher who ate innings. Once he entered games, Bido did his job well.  While Bido doesn’t have the eye popping strikeout numbers, he pitched to a 1.96 ERA and opponents hit a paltry .179 Against. 

Bido’s armed with an 89-93 MPH 4SFB, change-up and curveball.  This season he will be debuting a new slider he’s been working on over the off-season.


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