Yankees MiLB Camp Opens Next Week, Games Begin March 17

    Major League spring training is now in full swing and many Yankees prospects have already gotten into several games over at Steinbrenner Field.  While minor leagues have not officially reported yet, many are already down in Tampa and participating in workouts.  Next week, on Friday, March 6 will be the official report date for all Yankees’ minor leaguers coming into spring training.

    The first official spring training workouts for Yankees’ minor leaguers will be on Monday, March 9 with games starting soon after.  There will be an exhibition game on Friday, March 13, 2020, against the Canada Junior National Team.

    Yankees prospects practice at the Yankees Player Development and Scouting Complex in Tampa. (Robert M Pimpsner)

    On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, Yankees minor league spring training games will begin with a camp day, meaning the Triple-A workgroup will face the Double-A workgroup while the High-A workgroup will face the Class-A workgroup.

    Games against outside competition begin on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, against the Philadelphia Phillies minor leaguers.  Minor league camp will conclude on April 4 when players will begin to head to their respective affiliates throughout the organization.

    The Yankees’ minor leaguers will play nine games against other teams with nine camp days at the Player Development Complex in Tampa.

    2020-03-131 pmNYY@ Canada Jr. National
    2020-03-1710amCamp Day
    2020-03-181pmSWB/Trentonvs Phillies
    1pmTampa/Charleston@ Phillies
    2020-03-191pmSWB/Trenton@ Blue Jays
    1pmTampa/Charlestonvs Blue Jays
    2020-03-2010amCamp Day
    1pmTampa/Charlestonvs Phillies
    2020-03-2210amCamp Day
    2020-03-231pmSWB/Trenton@ Blue Jays
    1pmTampa/Charlestonvs Blue Jays
    2020-03-241pmSWB/Trentonvs Blue Jays
    1pmTampa/Charleston@ Blue Jays
    2020-03-251pmSWB/Trenton@ Phillies
    1pmTampa/Charlestonvs Phillies
    2020-03-2610amCamp Day
    2020-03-271pmSWB/Trentonvs Blue Jays
    1pmTampa/Charleston@ Blue Jays
    2020-03-2810amCamp Day
    2020-03-2910amCamp Day
    2020-03-301pmSWB/Trenton@ Tigers
    1pmTampa/Charlestonvs Tigers
    2020-03-311pmSWB/Trentonvs Tigers
    1pmTampa/Charleston@ Tigers
    2020-04-0110amCamp Day
    2020-04-0210amCamp Day
    2020-04-0310amCamp Day

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