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Luis Severino threw seven scoreless innings for the RailRiders Friday night.


Yankees Prospects Weekly Roundup: December 15, 2014

Lots of stuff written about Yankee prospects this week.

First up is a chat from Mark Anderson of the prospect team of BP.

j (Oregon): Which Yankee lower-level “lottery ticket” do you like better: Jorge Mateo or Luis Torrens?

Mark Anderson: Both have massive risk profiles as you allude to with the “lottery ticket” reference, but I’ll take Mateo. He has a chance to contribute in all phases of the game in a considerable way, and I’m not sure Torrens can pull that off.

Alex (Anaheim): Greg Bird impressed in the AFL, but I’ve heard some less than glowing things from prospect experts. What do you see in his future?

Mark Anderson: I think Bird is going to struggle to hit top line pitching on a consistent basis. I think there’s enough there with his pitch recognition and strike zone knowledge, and some natural bat to ball ability, for him to be a second division type or platoon player, but I wouldn’t peg him as an everyday slugging first baseman.

Baseball Prospectus Ryan Parker breaks down Aaron Judges swing here.


Kiley McDaniel has a bunch about Yankee prospects and Yoan Moncada

Comment From Reg
Will Yoan Moncada end up playing 3B or 2B in the majors? Would he be a top 5 MILB prospect right now?

Kiley McDaniel: Probably 3B. If not, then very close


Comment From Ron
Is Luis Severino a top-50 prospect for you?

Kiley McDaniel: If he is, it towards the end. I’d guess he’s in the 40-70 range, but I haven’t made a lot of NYY calls yet


Comment From Matt
Any ’14 draftees stick out as guys whose stock has gone up considerably since the draft?

Kiley McDaniel: Schwarber and Rodon are both on the high end of what was expected after the draft. Finnegan obviously returned value quicker than expected, but the stuff was about the same (health was his question). Kopech’s stuff is crisper than in much of the spring. Derek Fisher is showing some flashes of getting more out of his tools. Spencer Adams probably went too low and has ben as good as could be expected. Jacob Lindgren and Sam Travis have both had their tools play quicker/better than expected.


Comment From Jimmers
Any development on the Yoan Moncada situation?

Kiley McDaniel: Not really. Waiting for OFAC ruling and announcement about next open workout, which I will be at, wherever it is.


Comment From Jimmers
Why would Severino be so low? He has dominated in the minors, while always being younger than the avg player. Made it to AA and was dynamite as a 20 year old? Plus his stuff seems to be VERY good.

Kiley McDaniel: Sounds like you should be writing my list. Severino’s breaking ball is a 50 at best and he struggles with it. If it doesn’t get more consistent, he’s a reliever. That’s why


Comment From Jerry
Better talent: Yoan Moncada or Brendan Rogers?

Kiley McDaniel: YM is more phsyical, faster and left handed, altho he likely isn’t a SS. I’d take him because you have to take explosiveniscity when given the chance.


Comment From Sand-o-wich
Which player from the Yankees’ IFA binge do you like the best?

Kiley McDaniel: Juan De Leon is my favorite right now. Amundaray may be #2, Park is pretty solid but he’s 2 years older than the rest. Still a little hesitant to blow up Garcia and Gomez. Torrens and Mateo are both way head of this group.


Comment From EJF
When I read scouting reports on Aaron Judge, I read a lot of, “70+ power, Good hitting tools and plate discipline, Strong arm, solid defense” – That sounds like a top-10 prospect, but he’s obviously not one. What’s the catch?”

Kiley McDaniel: This is why I do raw and game power as separate tools. Judge is 55-60 game power and good hitting skills but size makes him a guy you hope is a 50 bat. So, 50 bat and 60 power is an avg everyday RF and he hasn’t been to AA yet. Obviously he could be more than that, but that’s how scouts are looking at him, particularly because no one in the bigs has ever looked like him, so it’s hard to move all your chips to the middle on him.


Comment From Chris
Is Jacob Lindgren MLB ready? Can we expect more immediate production from a straight reliever prospect

Kiley McDaniel: He was ready last year…or at least ready as he was going to get.


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